Let’s Grow (STEAM)X Youth College and Career Expo Vendor Tips

The Let’s Grow (STEAM)X Youth Careers Expo is not a laid back affair. It is high-energy and high-volume, with 3,000+ students grades 4th thru 12th pouring through the front doors on this day.

For exhibitors, that means preparation is essential. Here are six insider tips from the LGSX host:

Have Fun!  This is an opportunity to share what you do with youth. Think of what you enjoy about your career and share that part with them first. If and when questions are directed to the not so attractive part of your business, be open and honest about that as well. The objective today is to ignite imagination. Help them see how they can align their gifts, talents and education to careers in your industry.


Think about your business from a student’s point of view. What is eye-catching? What can you bring from your workplace that students can see, feel, touch, do, try out or try on?  Don’t be afraid to have a little fun.

Recruit booth volunteers carefully. The people in your booth are your biggest asset. Students are drawn to adults who seem open and friendly, and who are able to start a conversation.

Pace yourself on freebies and handouts. Freebies and handouts are very popular, but remember we expect about 3,000 students! Also, remember to reserve some business cards and handouts for the teachers and counselors who visit your booth.

State the obvious. Students may not know about your work or company. Your company may be a household name among adults, but if you’re not Nike or Beats By Dre, students may not be familiar with you. Bring a big sign. Bring a poster board or two describing your company, industry, careers and necessary education. Add some fun facts.

Promote your internships or volunteer opportunities. If you have internships, summer jobs or other volunteer career-related learning experiences that are open to high school students, the Expo is a perfect place to promote them. Please notify LGSX of opportunities so we can help you get the word out to attendees by emailing info@letsgrowsteam.org. You can also direct students to your website or, if appropriate, have an email signup sheet.